About Us:


"To become the leading producer and supplier of Indigenous Energy and Mineral Resources in Pakistan"  


" To improve quality and quantity of indigenous coal resources / raw material produce and motivating local industry to consume indigenous products in the best interest of our country."

Who we are

We are engaged in Mining and Trade of Local Coal to the Industrial units in Pakistan to meet their energy requirement. We are in the business of minerals for last 20 years and have vast experience in coal and minerals and mineral mining. We also provide Mine development and Mining Project Management services and Consultancy on Energy Efficiency and Coal Boilers Design for optimum use Lakhra and Jhampir other local coals. 

We are supplying coal to Cement, Textile, Oil, Power, Tyres Sector in Pakistan.

The biggest consumers include…

We produce coal from Lakhra and Jhamir coal fields, However, we trade coal of Dukki, Derra, Shahrug & Punjab coal fields.