Consultancy Services:

Consultancy Services for Conversion /Design of Coal Boilers

Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services:

  • Combustion Optimization of a pulverized Coalfired boiler.
  • Combustion Optimization Chain Graded Coal-fired boilers.
  • Conversation of Existing Coal Boilers on Lakhra/Jhampir/Local Coals for cost reduction.
  • Trouble Shooting of Coal-fired boilers
  • Cost Reduction Consultancy
  • Proper Coal Storage Techniques
  • Consultancy regarding fuel procurement /Local Coal Procurement
  • Consultancy on Design & Development of Coal Fired Boilers
  • Energy Audit Consultancy
  • Training and support Services to Boiler Operators/Engineers on Safety and Fuel Optimization to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
  • Turnkey Projects for Design , Development and Operations of Coal Fired Boilers.
Mineral Exploration Consultany
Mineral Project Management /Consultancy

Mineral Project Management:                  

We are team a of professionals having vast experience in the field of mining & processing of minerals and Coal Fired Boiler Design. We offer following services to our clients.

  • Mine & Production Management Services
  • Exploration studies for mineral projects
  • Mechanized Mining Project Management & Consultancy
  • Trainings and Capacity Building of Mining Staff
  • Health and Safety Trainings of Mining Staff
  • Identification of Potential Mineral Deposits and Detailed Exploration Studies for Clients
  • Preparation of Bankable Feasibility Studies / Business Plans.
  • Business Management Consultancy
  • Mine Cultivation Plan/Design Development Consultancy
  • Exclusive Marketing of Minerals Products.
  • Third Party Inspection of Mines
  • Pre-shipment inspection of Mineral Products
  • Develop cost effective solutions in Mining.
  • Underground water management during coal mining
  • Provision of International Consultant for Mining & Geological Studies for large scale mineral projects.
  • Rehabilitation of Sick Units
  • Development of SOP’s for Human Resource, Mining & Production Departments.